Map, Silk, "Zones of France", 1944

WWII US genuine silk map "Zones of France". Scale 1:2.000.000, and dated March 1944.

On D-Day, this map was mainly used by US airborne troops which worn it around the neck.

In February 1944, in preparation for D-Day, the Intelligence School No. 9 (IS9) responsible for Western European Area (WEA) produced a second edition of the map of France colored rayon printed on one side to the 1:2.000.000 scale (1 cm to 20 km). This map, called Zones of France in reference to the division of France after the Armistice, is mainly distributed to the agents of SOE, Jedburgh teams, to Operation Groups of OSS and American and British paratroopers involved behind enemy lines during the liberation of the territory.