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  • Superbe genuine WWII US folding chair used by all the US Army and the Medical Department. Manufactured by American Seating Co.

    175,00 €
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  • Genuine WWII German synthetic resin tent peg dated 1940.

    15,00 €
    In Stock
  • Genuine WWII US 1944-dated heavy-duty mail bag, that could be padlocked. It differs from earlier bags in that it does not have leather reinforcing at the top and bottom. Manufactured by LUCE MFG. CO.

    325,00 €
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  • Genuine WWII US tent wood stake, very good condition.

    2,95 €
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  • GI shelter half tent OD pole. Original piece of surplus of the US Army. Post war made, extremely similar to its WW2 counterpart. Mostly date to the 1950s and 60s. Made from wood, and have metal pieces at each end for connecting together. Each wooden pole is 16 in. long. You need 3 pces to make a complete pole. Used but in a very decent condition, perfect...

    3,50 €
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  • Genuine WWII US 5-gallon water bag portable on the back thanks to it haversack-style web harness and hooks. When in use, it was suspended upside down. The inner soft plastic bladder has a plastic tap, covered by a screwed-on cup tied with a metal chain. This piece of Equipment was made by The International Latex Corp. and dated 1945.

    145,00 €
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  • set of 3-piece wood and metal pole for the Zeltbahn tent.

    15,00 €
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