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  • Genuine WWII camouflaged bar or net used in the field to shield soldiers from insect bites, an annoying and dangerous hazard, especially in tropical deployments to areas where malaria is common. Typically, the insect bar is used when sleeping in the open, in tents, or on cots. Used by US Army and U.S.M.C.

    125,00 €
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  • Genuine WWII US metal padlock, manufactured by American, used by the U.S. Army during WWII to close footlocker and/or kit bag. Marqued US and delivered with key.

    55,00 €
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  • Genuine WWII US 5-gallon water bag portable on the back thanks to it haversack-style web harness and hooks. When in use, it was suspended upside down. The inner soft plastic bladder has a plastic tap, covered by a screwed-on cup tied with a metal chain. This piece of Equipment was made by The International Latex Corp. and dated 1945.

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  • Post-war German 3-piece wood and metal pole for tent.

    15,00 €
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