Rucksack, M39, Tornister, 1940, Normandy


Great genuine WWII German cowhide rucksack M39 Tornister with natural hair. Manufactured by St. Orthey in Marienberg (Saxony) and dated 1940.

Intended for carrying personal impedimenta: the inside pocket of the flap held the cleaning utensils, a towel, a sewing kit and a shirt. The centre of the main compartment held the cooking pot with bread ration and cutlery inside it, the sides contained the ankle boots with the cleaning items inside them, some pairs of socks filling any gaps. Between the flap and the body of the rucksack, work trousers and high boots could be placed if available.

The Tornister was simplified as the war progressed and the cowhide cover was eliminated for economical and practical considerations.

This rucksack is in very good overall condition and retains all its straps and buckles, found in Normandy.

Manufactured by St. Orthey in Marienberg (Saxony) and dated 1940. Markings visible on the inner side of the left shoulder strap indicate that the present Tornister may have belonged to a soldier of 10. KompanieJäger-Regiment 86 -- more likely Infanterie-Regiment 86.



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