Banner, War, Japanese, Shussei nobori


Nice and scarce genuine WWII Japanese war banner, Shussei nobori. In the same spirit as the good-luck flags offered by friends and families to Nipponese men departing for war (Hinomaru yosegaki), this type of banner, bearing various messages of encouragement, was gifted to them by local associations and patriotic organizations on the occasion of send-off parades leading to the local train station or port of embarkation. 

In the upper section, the 'Golden Kite' located between the two flags is a recurring symbol on this type of war banner; ideogram shuku, depicted in red underneath these flags, could be translated as 'congratulations', while the two following ideograms indicate that the intended recipient of the present banner was called up to active service.

Good used condition. Complete with original mounting rod and tassels.

Dimensions: about 27.5in x 118.1in. 


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