Grouping, Artillery, 2nd Inf. Div., T/4 Jordan Wester


Scarce genuine WWII US Army grouping, which belonged to T/4 Jordan L. Wester Jr, 2nd Infantry Division.

Jordan Lacy Wester, Jr was bon on October 13, 1923 and joined the US Army on October 25, 1942 at Gainesville, Florida. He passed away on November 13, 1993 and rests in Lakeland, Florida.


This grouping is made up of the following items:

- an enlisted men's off-duty jacket, size 38R, retaining its original badges: 2nd Infantry Division shoulder patch, Technician 4th Grade rank insignias, fourragère of the French Croix de guerre, medal ribbons (Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal and WWII Victory Medal), Service Stripe and 'ruptured duck'; one button and one collar disc are missing;
- a 5-button high neck sweater (note moth holes);
- a pair of wool serge trousers (note moth holes);
- a 1944-dated M3 service gas mask in its M6 canvas bag;
- a trousers belt;
- a pair of British General Pupose goggles in their case;
- a copy of A History of the War, a leaflet published by Penguin Books in 1943, given by his mother;
- a typewritten joke involving Hitler and the Devil;
- a small cloth bag for personal belongings;
- three garrison caps (one tan with artillery piping, one OD with artillery piping, one OD with infantry piping);
- a tie;
- a 'dog tag' (T43 44, Protestant, blood type O) and an identity disc;
- a panoramic photo of C Battery, 519th Artillery in which Jordan Wester may appear, 2nd row, 8th from left, considering his Chinese origins mentioned in his NARA service record.

Most of the above-mentioned artefacts retain their owner's name, initials, service number or laundry number (see pictures).