Jacket, Flying, Type B-10, USAAF, Named


Genuine WWII USAAF Type B-10 intermediate flying jacket, OD cotton sateen exterior, alpaca fur-lined and fur collar. Two patch pockets and one internal pocket. Conmar zip is in working order. This jacket retains its original label, L.S.L Garment Co., size 34. All buttons present. Army Air Forces insignia still visible on left shoulder. The name B.S. Koel and service number O-867152 appear behind the zip.

The B-10 was introduced in July 1943 to supersede the A-2 and B-6 types. Massively issued to the 8th and 9th Air Forces in 1944, the new jacket was an instant success and became popular with aircrews and ground personnel.

Very good general condition despite a few moth holes (waistband and sleeves). A most desirable flying jacket.