Grenade, Smoke, Blendkörper 2H


Scarce genuine WWII German Blendkörper 2H smoke grenade. This unusual type was massively produced from 1943 onwards and consisted of two glass parts: the inner vial contained a solution of calcium chloride while the outer bottle contained titanium tetrachloride. When the grenade was crushed, the two chemical components would mix and generate a non-lethal thick white smoke. The Blendkörper 2H thus provided infantrymen with a cheap antitank weapon: when smashed against the ventilation system or various hatches, its smoke was supposed to incapacitate the crew and force them to abandon the vehicle.

Although this type was produced in large quantities, very few of them have survived the war. This one is complete, though the outer bulb has been partially broken.

This item is totally empty and inert.