Morphine Container, Wehrmacht, Named, Normandy


Scarce genuine WWII German aluminium box for morphine ampoules. This box was probably designed as a toiletry kit item and later reused as a field container for morphine and other first aid artefacts. It is made up of a main rectangular box on top of which a first lid is secured by four hinges (in working condition); a second lid covers the whole set.

The following designations, clearly legible, were stamped on the latter: Morph. H and Feld Behandlungen; the owner also carved his rank, name and service number underneath these words: O[ber]feldwebel Peter Jansen127244. The bottom of the box features the list of places that marked his journey during the war: CognacParisPragStettinBrest-LitovskDanzigLyonMinskSmolenskSaarbrückenBordeaux and Normandie

A truly amazing evidence of a Wehrmacht NCO's itinerary during the conflict.