Map, Silk, Escape, MI9, Southern France


Rare genuine WWII British double-sided silk escape map. This is one of the earliest series of silk escape maps produced by Bartholomew of Edinburgh on behalf of MI9 in 1942-1943.

On one side of this cloth is a map of the half Southern France showing the international border with Spain as it was in 1941. It features sheet identity number D. The second side of the silk cloth has a map of Mediteranean sea and parts of adjacent countries. All of this would have been invaluable information for an Allied airman on the run in Occupied Europe and attempting to return to his unit. The identity number of this map is H2.

To prevent the cloth from unravelling, the map was heat-treated.

Maps were issued to aircrew of the RAF and USAAF as part of an escape kit in case they were shot down or forced to land while on a mission over Occupied Europe.


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