Medal, German, Todt (Westwall)
  • Medal, German, Todt (Westwall)
  • Medal, German, Todt (Westwall)

Westwall Medal, Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen


Genuine WWII German medal, Westwall-Medaille.

Created in August 1939, this award was intended for personnel of the RAD, Organisation Todt and even of the Wehrmacht who had participated in the construction (ten weeks minimum for the latter) or security (three weeks minimum) of the Westwall, also known as the Schutzwall or the 'Siegfried Line' -- the fortifications built along the western border of Germany. Award of this medal was suspended in January 1941 and resumed in October 1944.

The reverse features the phrase Für Arbeit zum Schutze Deutschlands