Flag, Japanese, Hinomaru yosegaki


Great genuine WWII Japanese flag, Hinomaru yosegaki. A traditional gift to Nipponese servicemen deployed during the campaigns of the Empire of Japan, such flags were offered by their families and friends, who would write well wishes and other messages of encouragement on it. 

The present flag, which bears the name of some Kaoru Aobayashi, mentions the Elementary School and Youth School of Kyowa, located in Hokkaido Prefecture. The main messages refer to notions such as heroism in combat, loyalty, bravery, courage, and strength in battle; the name of Hachimanjin, a war god in Shintoism, also appears. A Guntō sword is clearly visible. The other inscriptions are signatures.

In good used condition, this flag shows minor 'been there' damage. Dimensions: about 25.9in x 35.4in.


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