Medal, Bronze Star, in Box, Pvt. Lloyd Olson, 33rd Arm. Reg., 3rd Arm. Div., DOW 2 August 1944, Normandy


Genuine WWII US Bronze Star Medal, delivered in its original box with mounting pin and ribbon. The name Lloyd R. Olsonhas been carved on the reverse of the medal. The present Bronze Star features the 'V' Device, which indicates that it was awarded for heroism or valor in combat.

Lloyd Raymond Olson was born on March 17, 1915 in Mason, Wisconin to Swedish parents and joined the US Army on June 17, 1941 (ASN 36213196). He went on to serve with the 33rd Armored Regiment, 3rd Armored Division and was wounded in action in Normandy, dying of his wounds on August 2, 1944. Initially buried in the temporary cemetery at Marigny, France, his body was later repatriated and interred in his hometown.

Illustration documents are available in digital format, yet a couple of them also come in paper format. 


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