Knife, Trench, USM3, PAL, Blade, USM6 Scabbard, 1943, Airborne


Great genuine WWII USM3 trench knife, hallmarked PAL on blade. The Ordnance Department flaming bomb is still visible on the upper guard. Initials WBS have been carved on the leather handle.

Delivered in its original USM6 leather scabbard. Approved from January 2, 1943, the USM6 sheath features strengthening pieces consisting of two rectangular metal plates -- one on either side -- fastened by four rivets, thus keeping the leather parts together. Fastening of the two leather parts is also ensured by rivets and a strong sewn seam, while an eyelet allows for a leg lace. Metal staples reinforce the scabbard throat. Manufactured by Milsco and dated 1943.

A beautiful and homogeneous set in excellent overall condition. Hard to find nowadays -- don't miss it!


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