Knife, Fighting, Theater-Made, M-1918 & Japanese Type 30 Bayonet


Amazing genuine WWII US theater-made combat knife. This unique artefact was forged from a standard-issue M-1918  trench knife and a Japanese Type 30 bayonet.

Remaining stocks of these knuckle knives produced at the end of the Great War were widely issued to US Rangers, Marines and paratroops during the following conflict. Despite the introduction of the M3 trench knife in 1943, the popular M-1918 remained in use for a while and was sometimes modified by American warriors to meet their personal taste and requirements.

The brass knuckles of the present knife have been removed, so that the cast handle only retains the lower guard and the upper half guard. The pommel screw has been withdrawn, too. Markings US 1918 are still clearly visible on the grip. The original blade has been replaced with a Japanese blade taken from a Type 30 bayonet, intended for the Arisaka rifle, whose original length (15.7in) has been reduced to 7.2in.

This knife comes in some leather scabbard hallmarked Sharp, ideally suited for the blade. A very interesting combination, in very good used condition. Don't miss it!


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