Flag, Japanese, Hinomaru yosegaki


Great genuine WWII Japanese flag, Hinomaru yosegaki. A traditional gift to Nipponese servicemen deployed during the campaigns of the Empire of Japan, such flags were offered by their families and friends, who would write well wishes and other messages of encouragement on it. 

Strictly speaking, the present flag could be qualified as a Kyokujitsuki yosegaki, considering that the Rising Sun itself is of the type associated with the battle flag. Made in rayon, this flag is adorned with fringes on three sides. 

This amazing flag was presented to some Chojiro Suzuki (lower banner) by a fisherman named Arao (side banner) when he went off to war (ideograms on either side of the upper banner). The main message wishes successive victories to its intended recipient (central part of the upper banner).

A scarce type, in excellent overall condition. Dimensions: about 26.4in x 31.5in.


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