Case, Canvas, Dispatch, M-1938, US Army, Boyt, 1942, Major LaVerne Rivers


Genuine WWII US M-1938 map case, manufactured by Boyt and dated 1942. The following markings have been stenciled on the reverse: L.L. Rivers Major Inf. O-274547.

In very good overall condition, the present map case is complete and retains its original strap. Various accessories are still included in it: a protractor, a set square, a rubber, several pencils and criteriums...  

LaVerne Louis Rivers was born on July 11, 1908 in Rouses Point, New York. A veteran of both the Second World War and the Korean War, he retired on October 1st, 1958 as a Lieutenant Colonel and passed away on December 31, 1976.

Illustration documents available in digital format only.


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