Grouping, T/5 Walter Claypool, 29th Infantry Division, ETO


Very nice and scarce genuine WWII US Army grouping, which belonged to T/5 Walter D. Claypool, 29th Infantry Division, made up of the following artifacts:

- two enlisted men's chino garrison caps featuring no piping; size 7, dated 1942; laundry number C-8248 has been handwritten inside;
- a tan cotton necktie (no label);
- an enlisted men's wool garrison cap featuring no piping; size 6 7/8, dated 1944;
- some OD light shade wool trousers with anti-vesicant flap (Special), size 34 x 33, dated 1944; initial W. and laundry number C-8248 have been handwritten inside; complete with all buttons, the trousers retain their original belt;
- an OD flannel shirt with anti-vesicant flap (Special), size 15 1/2 x 32, dated 1945; laundry number C-8248 is visible in the collar; complete with all buttons, the shirt retains its original insignias: 29th Infantry Division shoulder patch and 'Ruptured Duck';
- a green canvas Barrack Bag, manufactured by Biscayne Tent & Awning Co. and dated 1944; complete with handle and shoulder strap; a religious pendant has been attached inside thanks to a safety pin; name Walter D. Claypool and service number 33038248 have been clearly written on the outer surface;
- an M-1936 field bag, manufactured by Atlantic Products Co. and dated 1943; complete with all straps; name Claypool, W.D. and service number 33038248 have been handwritten on the flap;
- an enlisted men's visor cap, complete with cap badge, leather chinstrap and buttons; no label; size 6 7/8; initials W.C. are visible inside.

Homogeneous set, in very good overall condition.

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Walter Dale Claypool was born on April 21, 1919 in Cadogan, Pennsylvania and joined the US Army on May 2, 1941. He went on to serve in Europe with the 29th Infantry Division. He was discharged on September 13, 1945 as a Technician Fifth Grade and passed away on December 18, 1976.

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