Dog Tags, 1st Type, Monel, 1st Lt. Francis Loughran, MTO


Pair of genuine WWII US dog tags, Monel type, issued to Francis T. Loughran, officer's service number  O-1797487, Catholic, blood type O, vaccinated against tetanus in 1942-1943. With address of next-of-kin. Delivered with its original necklace.

An Italian-made Allied Forces Headquarters shoulder sleeve insignia completes this lot.

Francis Thomas Loughran was born on June 10, 1905 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and joined the US Army on June 22, 1942. He went on to serve overseas from September 13, 1943 to October 30, 1945, spending some time with the Allied Control Commission in Italy. Discharged on January 23, 1946 as a Captain, he passed away on June 2, 1994.

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