Bag, Barrack, Sgt. Rodney Bricker


Genuine WWII US Army khaki canvas barrack bag. Every GI was to be issued two of these: bag A and bag B. Following the indroduction of the better duffel bag, the present type was soon used as a laundry bag.

In very good used condition, this bag beas letter B. Two holes are visible at the bottom. Complete with its cord and inner label, dated 1942. The outer label features partial service number B0017. Name Rodney E. Bricker and ASN 33500017 have been stenciled on the canvas. Another label, on which name Sherri Snyder has been handwritten, is still attached onto the cord.

Rodney Eugene Bricker was born on December 2, 1913 in York, Pennsylvania and joined the US Army on February 6, 1943. He went on to serve with the 1234th Service Command Unit at Camp Upton, New York and was discharged on March 14, 1946 as a Sergeant. He passed away on February 5, 1966.

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