Patch, 91st Infantry Division, Green Border


Genuine WWII US shoulder sleeve insignia of the 91st Infantry Division 'The Pine Tree Division', green border, which fought in Italy.

As the first battles of World War II were being fought in 1942, the division was reactivated at Camp White, Oregon. Once again, the division departed for the European Continent. There, the 361st Regimental Combat Team was detached to participate in the battles for Rome and the Arno River. It became the first Fifth Army unit to reach the river. In September, 1944, the division crossed the Sieve River, outflanked the famous Gothic Line, and captured the Futa Pass. For its part in combat, the division was awarded the North Apennines, Po Valley and Rome-Arno campaign streamers. The division was deactivated at Fort Rucker, Alabama, in December 1945.


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