Jacket, HBT, Camouflage, US Army, Billy Lierly, 86th Infantry Division


Very nice and scarce genuine WWII US Army HBT camouflage jacket, featuring two large breast pockets. Intended for being worn with matching trousers, the present type was used very sparingly in the ETO -- troops of the 41st Infantry Battalion, 2nd Armored Division remain the most famous example as far as the Battle of Normandy is concerned.

In excellent overall condition, this jacket retains all its original buttons. Size 36R. Partial service number L1675 has been inked in the collar.

The present jacket comes directly from the family of Billy Francis Lierly. Born on August 31, 1923 in Gilman City, Missouri, he served with the 86th Infantry Division during WWII. He passed away on November 11, 2007.


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