Patch, US Transportation Corps, Ports of Embarkation, D-Day


Genuine WWII US Transportation Corps, Ports of Embarkation Units shoulder patch.

The Ports of Embarkation were established and operated by the Transportation Corps to ensure a smooth flow of supplies through port facilities. It was a military command with jurisdiction over shipping, staging, storing, and other facilities which were often with the geographic limits of a city. By the end of WWII the Transportation corps was operating ports in Boston, New York, Hampton Roads, Charleston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Over 7 million passengers and 126 million tons of cargo passed through the ports during the war.

For Operation Overlord, embarkation and launching of the assault movement from the Marshalling areas to the ports and hards for embarkation beginning the May 30th, 1944, were under control of the Transportation Corps, Ports of Embarkation.


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