British Leaflet, Mines and Booby Traps, Military Training Pamphlet No. 40, 1945


Scarce genuine WWII British leaflet edited by the War Office for all branches of service. This 20-page booklet details the various minelaying methods used by the German forces -- antipersonnel and antitank mines. January 1945 edition.

The Mines and Booby Traps Military Training Pamphlet No. 40 actually consisted of four parts:

Part I (All Arms) - How to deal with individual mechanisms.
Part I Supplement (All Arms) - Enemy methods of minelaying (illustrated).
Part II (All Arms) - Laying and recording of British mines.
Part III (All Arms) - The breaching of minefields.

The present leaflet is Part I Supplement. Complete, in excellent overall condition.


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