Bag, Duffle, Sgt. Edward Seda, 8th Air Force, USAAF, ETO


Nice genuine WWII US Army Duffle Bag. Featuring a shoulder strap, this green canvas bag was larger and sturdier than the Barrack Bag and could be secured with a padlock. Manufactured by Tweedies and dated 1944.

In very good, used condition, the present bag features various stenciled markings, including name Edward J. Seda, ASN 35926045, and an invasion code made up of three horizontal blue bars with number 562661.

Edward James Seda was born on December 16, 1912 in Cleveland, Ohio and joined the US Army on January 12, 1944. He went on to serve with the 8th Air Force and deployed to Europe. He was discharged on May 19, 1946 as a Sergeant and passed away on March 31, 1961.

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