Haversack M-1910, P.B. & C., 1918, CM3c Kenneth Elliott, 21st Naval Construction Bn. (Seabees), PTO


Nice genuine WWI US M-1910 haversack, manufactured by P.B. & C. and dated April 1918. This was the standard backpack of the Sammy in the Great War.

In very good overall condition, this haversack retains its original meat can pouch. Various markings have been stenciled on the present backpack, indicating that it once belonged to some K.D. Elliott, who served with the 21st Naval Construction Battalion (Seabees) in WWII. The unit deployed to Hawaii, Eniwetok, Saipan, and Okinawa.

Kenneth Dale Elliott was born on February 14, 1912 in Portland, Oregon and joined the US Navy on March 27, 1942 (sevice number 664-38-97). He was discharged in September 1945 as a Carpenter's Mate 3rd Class and passed away on June 20, 2003.




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