Coat, Wool, Serge, OD, Sgt. Irven Akerson, USAAF, 40L, 1943


Great genuine WWII US Army Other Ranks wool serge off-duty jacket, complete with all original buttons.

This uniform retains the following insignias: Sergeant rank stripes, 'Ruptured Duck', Service Stripe and Overseas Service Bars. Label dated June 4, 1943, size 40L. Excellent overall condition. A receipt still present in the pocket indicates that the present jacket once belonged to some I. Akerson, ASN 39160224.

Irven Gordon Akerson was born on August 9, 1917 in Minneapolis, Minnesota in a Swedish family and joined the US Army Air Corps on June 23, 1941. He was discharged on November 19, 1945 as a Sergeant and passed away on February 23, 2001.

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