Dog Tags, US Navy, Y2c Jacob Ruller, USS Matagorda, Atlantic Ocean


Genuine WWII US Navy personal identification tags, issued to Jacob Vernon Ruller, service number 897-05-89, blood type A, vaccinated against tetanus in Februabry 1944, Catholic. Come with their original bead chains.

Jacob Vernon Ruller was born on December 9, 1918 in St. Johnsville, New York and joined the US Navy on January 29, 1944. He went on to serve aboard the USS Antaeus prior to transferring to the USS Matagorda in June 1944, and was discharged on March 20, 1946 as a Yeoman 2nd Class. He passed away on September 14, 1982. 

Commissioned in December 1941, the USS Antaeus (AVP-22) was a seaplane tender which participated in various campaigns in the Atlantic Ocean; she was decommissioned in 1945.

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