Insignia, Naval Amphibious Forces


Genuine WWII US Naval Amphibious Operations shoulder patch. 

The USMC and the Navy only used SSI for a short while in WWII. Amphibious Forces sailors were some of the bravest of all the forces, as they had to bring the Marines and Army Soldiers to the waters edge under heavy shelling and fire. In the European Theater of Operations, they assisted the Army in D-Day landings in Normandy, Anzio and Southern France. Landed on Utah Beach and Omaha Beach. Their mission consisted in treating and evacuating the wounded, ensuring liaison with the ships, providing emergency repair, participating in the clearing of beach obstacles, etc.

Approved for wear in early 1944, this Naval Amphibious Forces patch has a nearly–identical US Army counterpart -- the same gold emblem instead on a blue field.


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