Connecting Sleeve, Bangalore
  • Connecting Sleeve, Bangalore

Sleeve, Connecting, Bangalore


Genuine WWII US connecting sleeve for Bangalore Torpedo.

The M1A1 Bangalore Torpedo was originally designed as a wire obstacle breaching device during WWII. It was created by a British officer who served in the British Colonial Army in India. The name Bangalore comes from area Bangalore in India. It can also be used as an antipersonnel mine clearing charge and is issued as a demolition kit to frontline infantry and engineer troops.

The kit consists of ten 5-foot sections, and the Torpedo could be connected to another section by a connecting sleeve. The soldier then connects the number of sections needed and pushes it through the minefield thanks to a special nose sleeve which was placed over the top of the first section. This allowed the Torpedo to move more easily when pushed forward.

The M1A1 Bangalore was used with great success by Rangers and first wave assault troops on D-Day in breaching barbed wire obstacles and minefields placed by German soldiers as well as paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division.

Mint condition.


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