Bag, Duffle, US Navy, S1c George Hilton, LCI-356, Iwo Jima & Okinawa


Genuine WWII US Navy Duffle Bag. Featuring a shoulder strap, this green canvas bag was larger and sturdier than the Barrack Bag and could be secured with a padlock. Manufactured by Tweedies and dated 1944.

Excellent overall condition, complete with shoulder strap. Name Hilton has been written twice, along with service number 888-27-23 in the first case.

George Fayette Hilton was born on March 19, 1921 in Vallejo, California and joined the US Navy on April 20, 1944. He went on to serve aboard LCI-356 from September 11, 1944 onwards -- his name still appears on the muster roll in September 1945. The ship deployed in the Pacific and participated in the operations at Iwo Jima and Okinawa from February to June 1945. Hilton passed away on August 27, 2001.

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