Magazine, 1918 BAR, Solid plastic prop, Made in USA


This WWI - WWII Browning Automatic Rifle Replica Dummy magazine is extremely accurate in its appearance and is molded from an original BAR magazine.  Made of solid durable plastic and whether you are looking for the WW1/Early WWII Blued finish or the latter WWII Parkerized finish, both versions are made to look like the original magazine color.  They appear true to the actual real thing when placed inside ammo belt pouches or on displays. 

These are ideal for costume designers, cosplay enthusiasts, professional reenactors, or museum displays, where the real thing is illegal, too valuable to use or prohibited by law.  An affordable reenactment gear item.


The 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was a 30-06 caliber light machine gun conceived and invented by John M. Browning in 1917 in response to the US Army needs of an adequate light machine gun. In 1938, the M1918A2 was adopted by the US Army and saw extensive use in both World War II and the Korean War and used in limited service in the Vietnam War.

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