Cap badge, N° 4 Commando
  • Cap badge, N° 4 Commando

Cap badge, No. 4 Commando


No. 4 Commando (Kieffer) badge. In 1944, the 177 men of the "1er B.F.M. Commando" were integrated into the British No. 4 Commando (under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Dawson), part of the 1st Special Service Brigade (under Brigadier Lord Lovat).On June 6, 1944, at 08.45, the Bérets verts landed in Ouistreham, Benouville, Amfreville and Bavant (Sword Beach). Kieffer, recently promoted to capitaine de corvette, led his men personally. The Bérets verts suffered 21 killed and 93 wounded.


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