Pilot's Log Book, USAAF, Unissued


Genuine WWII USAAF pilot's log book, unissued. 

Complete, in excellent overall condition. 


'Ray Frederick Pfautz from Litiz, Pennsylvania, was born December 9, 1919 in Lititz, PA and died August 2, 2008 in Lancaster, PA.

Ray originally joined the Calvary then transferred to Aviation Cadets School out of Ryan Air Field in Hemet, CA. He washed out of Aviation School for flying to close to the tower and thus went to Victorville Army Air Field. There he would train to become a Bombardier and earned his wings.

Ray was assigned to the 458th Heavy Bombardment Group. He flew quite a bit of missions with the 458th, however for unknown reasons, Ray was transferred out of the 458th. A very interesting story involving Ray happened on March 8th 1944. This day for unknown reasons Ray was pulled from the mission. It turned out to be a lucky break for him. During that mission, his entire crew was shot down over Germany with all crew members escaping, but being captured by the Germans and put into POW camps.  

After the 458th, Ray was transferred to the 466th Heavy Bombardment Group, 96th Combat Wing, which was stationed at RAF Attlebridge in England. Ray was a 2nd Lieutenant. A full list of the aircraft he flew on are below.

B-24s he flew with: Wabbit Twacks, Ghost II, Super Chief, Pegasus.

Ray was highly decorated. The most notable being awarded 2 Air Medals (possibly 3) and The Distinguished Flying Cross. Ray had a brother named Harry Pfautz who was also in the 8th Air Force and was also a Bombardier. He was shot down over Belgium and killed months before the war ended.'

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