Helmet, Flying, Summer, with Goggles, Imperial Japanese Navy


Amazing and very scarce genuine WWII Japanese summer flying helmet, delivered with matching original flying goggles. Introduced in 1941, this leather helmet remained, along with the fleece-lined winter type, one of the standard regulation flying helmets issued to pilots and other aircrews of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service throughout the war. 

In very good, worn condition, the present leather helmet retains its front rim with snap fastener, the chinstrap with pin buckle in working order, the original label as well as the loop located at the rear to hold the goggles in place (original button still present), under which have been hand-painted two ideograms -- probably the owner's name. Only the left ear cover is missing.

Featuring elliptical lenses, the goggles are of the standard type issued to both Army and Navy air forces; the aluminium frame bears manufacturer's hallmark MAN. The elastic cloth strap, complete with all attaching and tightening devices in working condition, also bears two hand-painted ideograms. No crack visible on lenses. 

A great and rare homogeneous set -- don't miss it!


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