Oversmock, British, Size 2, 1942

Very nice genuine WWII British pattern 1942 parachutist 'oversmock' retaining its label: size 2 (height 5"5'-5"6'; breast 34'-39'), manufactured by L. Harris Ltd. and dated October 1942. 

Sleeveless khaki denim oversmock with lined stand collar. Closes with a single vertical full-length Air Ministry marked zipper with cloth puller attached. Fitted with a tailpiece sewn to the rear of the smock and desgined to pass under the wearer’s crotch. This fastens at the front of the smock with a series of snap fasteners.

There are two elasticated lower front skirt pockets large enough to hold a single hand grenade each. This garment was intended for being worn by airborne troops over the Denison Smock in order to prevent the latter from getting caught in the parachute rigging lines and to keep it in place during the jump. 

This type saw action on the occasion of various operations, such as North Africa, D-Day and Market Garden. 


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