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  • Genuine WWII FJ German paratrooper smock, Knockensack, in sumpf pattern camo. Late war production with plastic zips manufactured by Ri-Ri. The flare pistol holster and bayonet holder sewn on to the back of smock are still here. PRIM snaps. Eagle chest originaly sewn.

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  • Genuine WWII British Airborne Battle Dress, Pattern 40, with label, size 9. All insignias are originaly sewn. The set of Parachute Regiment title, Pegasus and Airborne titles are embroidered on felt and also The British Airborne wings. Typical battle dress from a 6th Airborne sergeant who participated to D-Day, June 6, 1944. Some buttons are missing.

    895,00 €
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  • Genuine WWII US tanker-jacket has a full-length Conmar zipper on the front, knit collar, cuffs, and waistband. The winter combat jacket was originally slated for issue to armored crews, it was nevertheless worn by other combat soldiers, and especially by officers. Shoulder board was tailored on the jacket. Fits like a US 42 or 44.

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  • Genuine WWII locally developed and manufactured jacket for enlisted men, made in Great Britain as of May 1943. Size 34L, dated 1943, perfect condition. Developed by the ETO Commanding General, BG Robert Littlejohn. The first batches were issued to the 29th Infantry Division in England for field trials and was largely used within the 9th Air Force.

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  • Genuine WWII dark OD officer's jacket, the famous "Ike" jacket. This jacket has been chosen in April 1944 by General Eisenhower, then it became the "Ike" jacket. Taillored made by Saco Uniforms, this jacket is in good size about 42 - 44. Scarce in that size !

    450,00 €
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  • Genuine WWII US M-1943 field jacket, 1st type, size 36L.  

    225,00 €
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  • Nice genuine WWII Japanese EM/NCO's M38 winter service jacket, with the rank of First Class.

    225,00 €
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  • Rare genuine British Indian Army Lieutenant-General uniform, identified to Lieutenant-General George Noble Molesworth.

    1 350,00 €
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  • Genuine WWII US M-1941 field jacket. This is a short windbreaker-type jacket in windproof and water-resistant cotton poplin with a flannel linning. 

    425,00 €
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