UTAH BEACH - Fighting Our Way Ashore - With the 2nd Naval Beach Battalion


Fighting Our Way Ashore: The 2nd Naval Beach Battalion in WWII, by Michel De Trez and Tyler Elliott.

Fighting Our Way Ashore is an exhaustive and meticulously researched account of the 2nd Naval Beach Battalion's crucial role in World War II. Spanning 752 pages, this comprehensive volume delves deep into the history, operations, and personal stories of the men who served in this specialized unit.

The book begins with the formation of the 2nd Naval Beach Battalion, providing readers with a thorough understanding of its inception, training, and the strategic necessity for such a unit. Detailed narratives explain how the battalion was organized, the unique challenges it faced, and its vital role in amphibious assaults.

D-Day and Beyond:

Central to the book is the battalion's involvement in the D-Day landings at Normandy on June 6, 1944. Through first-hand accounts, official reports, and hundreds of rare never before published photographs, the author reconstructs the harrowing experiences of these brave men as they facilitated the landing of thousands of Allied troops.

Fighting Our Way Ashore is rich with personal stories from veterans, bringing a human touch to the historical facts. These anecdotes offer insights into the daily lives, struggles, and camaraderie of the soldiers, providing a vivid picture of what it was like to be part of this elite unit.

An exceptional book not to be missed, for all D-Day and US Navy enthusiasts.

English version, 752 pages.


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