Lot, Field Manuals, Named


Lot of genuine WWII US War Department field manuals, on the front covers of which partial ASN G-5148 has been inked:

- FM 5-21, Camouflage Painting of Vehicles and Equipment, 1942;
- FM 23-25, Bayonet, M1905, 1940;
- FM 23-30, Hand Grenades, 1940;
- FM 30-40, Identification of United States Armored Vehicles, 1941;
- FM 31-20, Jungle Warfare, 1941.

Homogeneous set, in quite good overall condition. Name Guy has been written on three of them.

Allen Conroy Guy, Jr. was born on July 29, 1924 in Dayton, Kentucky and joined the US Army on July 28, 1943 (ASN 35225148). He was discharged on March 11, 1946 and passed away on March 11, 1946. He passed away on May 3, 1995.


Illustration documents available in digital format only.


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