Mask, Gas, M30, German, 1940, with Canister, 1942, Named, 3. Fallschirmjäger-Division, Hill 192


Rare and nice genuine WWII German M30 gas mask, size 2, dated 1940, complete with FE 42 filter cartridge, original lenses and straps. The various inscriptions visible on the main strap  indicate that the present gas mask once belonged to some Gefreiter R. Dick (4.4385072).

Comes in its original canister (large size: 10.9in), dated 1942. Spare lenses are still present in the inner compartment intended for that purpose -- mention Uffz. Mundt has been painted on the latter's lid. All hinges are in working order. 

Unteroffizier Mundt, who served with 10. KompanieFallschirmjäger Regiment 9 of 3. Fallschirmjäger-Division, was captured by American troops in the vicinity of Cloville, Normandy, France on July 11, 1944 (Hill 192).

A great set, in good overall condition.


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