American Paratrooper Helmets
  • American Paratrooper Helmets

American Paratrooper Helmets


American Paratrooper Helmets. 

All the amateurs of the history of the American parachutists know the author of this work for his multiple publications relative to their story published at D-Day Publishing. Until today, the author had rather accustomed us to produce books accumulating an impressive number of period unpublished photographs dealing with the history or the men, that a study on the equipment. It is here for our biggest pleasure that he agreed to open the display cases and reserves of the D-Day Paratrooper Historical Center, to present this Bible of the American paratrooper helmet.  For those who would not know him, for the last three decades, this specialist of the American airborne troops, share his time between Belgium, where he dedicates its time to the publishing, Normandy, where he runs a Historical Center and the United States, where he conducts his researches. Rather known for his certain level of requirement, not only the quality but also the quantity and the rarity of pieces accumulated in his WWII airborne collection make it unequalled. This book is unique, since only this collection could have been its support and only the author’s naughty defect to go dig new images in the drawers of the veterans could have brought the iconography necessary to illustrate the study on the various markings of helmet. This is first of all a magnificent lesson of what a passion can bring to collect. It is then the first study of the complex question of the multiple markings of parachutists' helmet. Always with its singular approach to make an object telling its story, the author has profusely illustrated this work with multiple never before seen period photographs and hundreds of historical pieces. Doubtless, it will reserve to the most advised readers some hidden surprises and will delight the amateurs in search to satisfy their knowledge. Hardback, English version, 272 color pages.


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