Mask, Gas, M30, German, 1942, with Canister, Named, Flak, Amsterdam


Rare and nice genuine WWII German M30 gas mask, size 2, complete with filter cartridge, original lenses and head straps. Dated 1942.

Comes in its original canister (large size: 10.9in), which is dated 1942 and retains its various canvas straps along with most of its original Feldgrau paint. All hinges are in working order.

A pair of spare lenses is still present in the small compartment intended for that purpose, under the lid of which a tag bearing the following indications can be found:

Kanonier Rautenberg
Feldpostnr. L 27 134B
L.G.P.A. Amsterdam
ü. Bentheim

Great homogeneous set in very good overall condition. The above-mentioned information tends to indicate that Kanonier Rautenberg served with some Luftwaffe anti-aircraft unit in the Netherlands.


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