Insignia of the Sussex Operation
  • Insignia of the Sussex Operation

Insignia, Sussex Operation


Reproduction of the metal insignia of the Sussex Operation.

Within the preparation framework of D-Day in France (Operation Overlord), General Eisenhower’s Staff Officers, in March 1943, conceived and launched a plan entitled "Sussex". This was to be set up in all the regions in the North of the Loire river, which would be battle zones. Teams of two officers, an observer and a radio operator, and be placed in strategic points. They would provide to the Allies, during and after D-Day, firm information on the German army, its order of battle, its troop movements and in particular those of the “Panzer” divisions, including heir supply depots of materials and ammunition. In addition the installation and launch pads of V1 and V2 Flying Bombs. The Allied Headquarters could then make the right informed decisions, intervening effectively and in particular the bombardment of convoys, concentrations of troops and materials.