Grouping, Cpt. Don Ervin, Medical Department, 1st Infantry Division


Rare genuine US Army grouping, which belonged to some Captain Don L. Ervin, Medical Department, and includes the following artefacts:

- officer's service jacket, dark OD wool gabardine, retaining its original waist belt and buttons, as well as various badges: 1st Infantry Division shoulder sleeve insignia, Captain rank insignia, US and Medical Department collar insignia, Croix de Guerre fourragere, name tag, and 'Victory' brooch;

- officer's visor cap, complete with cap badge, leather chinstrap and buttons, size 7 1/8, featuring a name tag: Don L. Ervin Capt. O4056268.

Great homogeneous lot, in excellent overall condition, coming along with a post-WWII dog tag: Ervin, Don Lee, O-4056268, vaccinated against tetanus in 1956, blood type A, Methodist.


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