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Scarce genuine WWII US RBZ waterproof receiver set, manufactured by Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corp., New York. Made under US Navy Contract Nxss-15891, the RBZ receiver set was designed for landing units, in order for them to ensure communication with the ships off shore during the initial phase of an amphibious assault.

Seeing service in the US armed forces, it was also widely used by various Allied secret services (Special Operations Executive, Office of Strategic Services, etc.) and Resistance movements in German-occupied Europe. Receiver sets used for such underground operations were modified to extend the frequency range to 5-13 MHz, thus allowing reception of messages broadcast by the BBC -- in that case, orange markings 5-13 MC can be found on the cases.

The radio set is made up of the following parts:

- 1 waterproof canvas carrying case marked CVH-10203;
2 watertight bakelite boxes marked RBZ Case, Type CEX-10172 (one for the receiver itself, one for the batteries);
- 1 antenna cable;
- 1 pair of Carron US-42 headphones.

Homogeneous set, in very good overall condition.

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