Pouch, Kit, First Aid, Aeronautic, USAAF


Genuine WWII US Aeronautic First Aid Kit pouch, rubberized canvas. The kit itself was packed in this rectangular canvas bag featuring four Lift-the-Dot connectors to be attached into the aircraft cabin. The first kits were issued to cargo carrier crews in 1942 and subsequently expanded to most USAAF aircraft types.

In excellent overall condition, the present early type bag is empty. Talon zipper is in working order. A red cross has been hand-painted on a white square.


The Kit, First Aid, Aeronautical (Medical Department Item No. 9776500) was a canvas bag constructed with four Lift-the-Dot (LTD) female connectors on its four corners. LTD studs were permanently attached to the C-47 aircraft fuselage bulkhead so the First Aid Kit could be easily snapped down or pulled off for use.

The Kit, First Aid, Aeronautical was issued in a series of patterns. Early in World War II the kit was made of khaki canvas, had a zipper around three sides to fully open the pouch, and was marked with a red cross on the left front plus the nomenclature Kit, First Aid, Aeronautic, US in block letters to the right front. A later pattern was of olive drab canvas, with the full zipper, marked only with Medical Department, USA in black block letters. A third pattern was also khaki canvas, with a horizontal zipper that separated a smaller top compartment from a larger bottom compartment, not the three sided, full opening zipper of the others. Some models of the kit had a fabric carrying strap for use when dismounted from the wall.

Inside the bag of the Kit, First Aid, Aeronautical, the contents were held in divided compartments. The arrangement differed in the three patterns but all had multiple dividers for the contents packages plus a sleeve to store the instruments.

Contents of the Kit, First Aid, Aeronautical, Item No. 9776500:

Small first-aid dressing, 3 boxes
Halazone tablets, one bottle
Sulfanilamide, one box
Adhesive bandages, one box
Scissors, 4 inch
Iodine applicator, 10
Morphine syrette, one box
Sulfadiazine, two tubes
Eye dressing unit

Like other first aid kits of the World War II period, the contents of the aircraft first aid kit varied as supplies and technology changed.

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