Armband, Identification, Oil Cloth, Invasion Flag


Rare genuine WWII US Army oil cloth armband, featuring the 48-star flag, to be worn on the right sleeve by invasion troops in various assault operations -- Normandy, Provence, Holland... Its purpose was to identify the nationality of the wearer to the locals of the country being invaded. These oil cloth armbands had been around for a year or two before the 101st Airborne Division used them.

US amphibious forces had already worn arm brassards in 1942, in Operation Torch. Brassards like the present one were standard issue in the 101st Airborne in Operation Market Garden and photographic evidence indicates that they had been worn by glider pilots in Operation Neptune. They were also issued to infantry and airborne troops for Operation Dragoon.

Used condition. Dimensions: 3.9in x 17.3in.


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